EcoVid on December 19th, 2008

A child’s never gotten into a vitamin D cabinet and gotten poisoned. That’s happened hundreds of thousands of times with Tylenol or Aspirin or other things.

…because we’re talking about diabetes, and hyper tension, and bone disease - osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, and cancer, and autoimmune disease and the list goes on.

Scientists found that list is so long, because vitamin D actually regulates cells, systems, and organs throughout the body.

It works by turning your genes on and off, very basic functions, so that’s a very important fact about vitamin D that distinguishes it from any other vitamin. It’s a steroid hormone - it’s in a class by itself.

Vitamin D activates your immune system causes something to be formed called little peptides that kill bacteria and viruses without antibiotic resistance, without side effects. We can use it in very young infants and pregnant moms.

And cancer? Sardi (Bill Sardi) says in a new book that a major reason not to be so fearful about the disease, IS vitamin D. A key U.S. study in June found it provided a 60% reduction in cancers.

Canadian Cancer Society immediately told all of their citizens, begin supplementing with at least 1000 units of vitamin D. American Cancer Society?… mums the word.

In fact here is video of how vitamin D helps zaps cancer cells.

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So what I was able to do is to catch at the late 90s the first real news about vitamin D. We began by virtue of other things happening in bone disease, just like I was interested in before. But the whole thing was circulating around the fact that vitamin D was really good for bones, more than we ever knew, was going to replace all of the other things for osteoporosis, that’s my opinion, but it was something that seemed to be working very very well. And got away from some of the side effects that are stalking all of us today with products - various things people have taken for osteoporosis.

They say sixteen major cancers, from various studies that were done in Europe, would all be diminished by 90+% if you took vitamin D. And took it to new levels where you’ve never gone before, I’d never seen this before. And I thought to myself this is incredible, what about toxicity? You know if you take too much of this you get all kinds of things, right? Wrong. That was the next thing I learned. There was no toxicity from (vitamin) D. Everything that we thought was due to toxicity was the result of other things that had changed. Like parathyroid hormone, like other absorptions of calcium that increased, and you were taking too much, because that’s what we were told to do before…

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EcoVid on December 19th, 2008

What most people don’t know is the brain is made up of 60% fat. Fats are absolutely critical to a high functioning sharp intelligent mind. During the last trimester of pregnancy, 80% of the work being done on the fetus, is focused on the brain. The brain will actually double in size. So, if the brain is made up of 60% fats, it is vital that MOM be getting high quality essential fats into her diet. It is equally important that she avoid the damaged fats, like trans fats, so they don’t find their way into the baby’s brain. Getting good fats in the diet is also important after the baby is born.

One of the most important fats to be getting in the diet are fats from the Omega-3 family. Omega-3 fats are fast moving fats that are critical for optimal brain and eye function. These fats are called essential fatty acids, which means the body can’t make them on its own. It needs to get them from food. The problem is that the Standard American Diet also known as SAD, has very little if any Omega-3 in it. IN fact 20% of Americans have Omega-3 levels so low they defy detection.

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EcoVid on December 17th, 2008, the philanthropic department, has decided to fund the development of a hundred mile per gallon car. The project will focus on plug-in hybrids and V2G or vehicle to grid technology. The technology is really incredible. It gathers energy when its plugged in, as well as during driving. And the best part about it is, the excess energy is given back to the grid.

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These oligarchies, the multinationals, are owned by very few people and groups. They have the kind of power today that no emperor, king or pope ever had in history. Monsanto is one of those global corporations. Very efficient, by the way, and incredibly dynamic and vital. They’re just the latest type of feudal lord.

It’s a very broad patent. It would grant, if it’s accepted worldwide, would grant Monsanto control of a significant percentage of all the pigs in the world. And here’s what’s so critical. The patent isn’t just for the pigs. It’s for the pigs offspring. So mother nature works for Monsanto’s profit. Every time pigs naturally reproduce, that is a violation of the patent that you have to pay Monsanto for.

I think there’s only one reason. It’s to make the farmers dependent on this company. It’s like what has already happened with grain or corn. People have to buy seeds exclusively from Monsanto as well as sprays, fertilizers and so on, and end up totally dependent on the company. If every time a sow or piglet leaves the pen Monsanto can charge a fee. It’s a never-ending source of income.

In some American states, farmers who feed their pigs exclusively with genetically modified corn, or soy, have noticed a mysterious drop in their stocks fertility.

When you insert a gene the DNA can rearrange, can delete genes, turn them on permanently, turn them off. It can create mutations up and down the genome. And these can create unpredicted allergies, or toxins, or new diseases, or nutritional problems.

Enjoying an inside route to the corridors of power, Monsanto was able again and again to place employees in influential positions. Through Washington’s revolving door, corporate players continually traded posts at the licensing authorities, later returning to high paid board positions at the company. In the early 1990s, a blatant scandal played out behind the scenes at the nation’s capitol. It was about nothing less than the fundamental decision on whether genetically modified organisms should be allowed to enter the food supply at all. Several FDA inspectors expressed great concern after studying the test results. The government held back the papers in which they explained their reservations, however, as described by a critical FDA expert.

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Mainstream ad

I want to address that ad. I think it’s misleading so I’m just going to say that. But, in the ad they say that high fructose corn syrup is made from corn. That’s true. But, there is a lot of things that are made from some natural substance, but once they’re refined they’re not good for us. High fructose corn syrup is refined from corn. It’s not a natural substance. It doesn’t occur in nature. You’re not going to find it anywhere until you run it through a lab. So even though it’s made from corn, that’s true, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you.

Now, it doesn’t have any artificial ingredients, you know, I don’t think that’s a true statement. Because it is itself an artificial ingredient. Sucrose, table sugar, is an artificial ingredient. There is no place to find sucrose in nature. It’s refined from beets, or sugar cane, but it’s not a natural substance. It’s probably safer than a lot of the chemical things that are completely manufactured, but it’s still a manufacturing and refining process. You want to eat foods that are closer to the origin, you want to eat the real food. Fruits and corn with the natural fructose in them, they’re fine. But if we’re going to refine it and put it into all of these different foods, then we’re going to have a problem. It is not a natural substance, it is manufactured.

People are drinking so much soda. Do you know how much sweetener is in those things? So, most of the sweetener used now is high fructose corn syrup. Meaning we’re taking in an enormous amount, and it is causing problems. There are studies out there showing that the high fructose corn syrup, the concentrated fructose, going to cause diabetes much quicker. It causes dementia. There are studies demonstrating this. So there are some dangers to a high amount of high fructose corn syrup. That’s why they have to say in moderation - doesn’t even define moderation. Sure you can have a little bit of arsenic and be alive, there might even be some benefit to a trace amount, but a bit of any more will kill you. You’ve got to be careful with the high fructose corn syrup.

There’s a lot of things that people eat that I don’t think are safe. Do you read you labels? Do know how many chemicals you’re eating? This is another chemical.

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First of all, simple truth is, it’s cheaper. Corn is cheaper and high fructose corn syrup is cheaper to make. Now understand that it’s different than corn. Corn, the sugar from corn is a fructose base, but this is called a high fructose corn syrup which is different than regular fructose corn syrup. Basically the way they make it is they extract the glucose from it and then add a chemical to it to bring back into fructose. So it’s not a natural food, it’s actually a synthetic food…


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EcoVid on December 10th, 2008

What most people don’t realize is that there’s literally billions and billions of pounds of pollutants that are dumped into our environment every year. And of those pollutants there’s hundreds of them. And there is at least fifty that accumulate to the point where there’s over a billion pounds a year that has specific developmental and neurological toxicity. So it’s going to be important on a regular basis to go through some type of detox program.

Another crucial element is to make sure you are exercising, yes exercising. And the type of exercise where you sweat, because when you sweat you are actually going to eliminate many of the toxins and excrete them through your sweat glands. So in order to do that of course, you’ve got to be exercising intensely enough or in an environment where your body is going to be producing sweat. So exercising on a regular basis is clearly on of the best things you can do.

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Now you can drink Fiji water guilt free because they’re going green. Fiji water has announced Fiji green. An initiative which aims to cut carbon emissions by 25%, boost renewable energy to 50%, and reduce their packaging by at least 20% by the year 2010. And they say that they’ll buy offsets for the rest of their carbon footprint. The rest being the 4,774 miles a Fiji water bottle has to travel to get to your hands. Maybe they can do something about the 86% of water bottles that end up in landfills. Or the fact that a gallon of water costs more than a gallon of gasoline. So what’s the solution? Buy a water filter from here, here, or here and buy reusable stainless steel water bottles from Done and done.

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The North Pacific Tropical Gyre also known as the Garbage Patch - seven millions tons of floating plastic waste spanning an area twice the size of Texas. There is six times as much plastic in the gyre than there is plankton. Plankton is the area’s most abundant food source. Animals mistake this waste for food dying either from plastic poisoning or blockage of their digestive system. This plastic absorbs, transports, and releases hydrophobic pollutants (PCB,DDE,DDT) not only harming the oceans food chain, but us as well. Diseases, infertility, etc. Plastic is 100% nonbiodegradable. Reduce your plastic waste. Learn more at

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EcoVid on November 30th, 2008

Data released by the United States Environmental Protection Agency shows that somewhere between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year.

Less that 1% of bags are recycled. It costs more to recycle a bag than it does to produce a new one.

There’s harsh economics behind bag recycling: It costs $4,000 to prcess and recycle 1 ton of plastic bags, which can then be sold on the commodities market for $32

A study in 1975 showed oceangoing vessels dumped 8 million pounds of plastic annually. The real reason that the woreld’s landfills aren’t overflowing with plastic was because most of it ended up in an ocean-fill.

A plastic stew twice the size of Texas, has formed in the Pacific Ocean. Scientists have dubbed it the “Eastern Garbage Patch”, and its volume is growing at an alarming pace.

With plastic particles outnumbering plankton 6 to 1, it’s inevitably entering the food chain, of which YOU are at the top. Bon Appetit!

Plastic bags do not biodegrade, they photodegrade: Over time they break down into smaller, more toxic petro-polymers which eventually contaminate soil and waterways everywhere.

Plastics, from large chunks to microscopic particles, has entered the food chain. The effect on wildlife can be catastrophic

Nearly 200 different species of sea life including whales, dolphins, seals and turtles die due to plastic bags. They die after ingesting plastic bags which they mistake for food.

If just 1 out of 5 people in the U.S. used cloth bags, we would eliminate 1,330,560,000,000 plastic bags over a life time.

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Quotes from this video

He says there’s medical proof that THC kills cancer cells. Rick Dwyer says Simpson’s hemp oil killed his father’s cancer and other diseases. It took the fluid off his lungs. It repaired the prostate. It did so many things for him, he doesn’t even take his insulin now for his diabetes because it controls his diabetes.

Hemp has been used in medicine for nearly 5,000 years!

Cannabis and hemp, traditionally have been used to treat alcoholics, recovering drug addicts, and it hasn’t changed over the years. They’re still using it today in some cases, but most medical facilities don’t recognize it. I believe they don’t recognize the product because of the disinformation that’s been handed over thew years. It’s touted as an illicit drug rather than a medicine. In the research that we have the most amazing part of the product is the medicinal value to it.

When we began, Rick asked me to find out if there was any detrimental effects to hemp oil. As we searched we couldn’t find any. And the research kept coming back with all the good aspects of the medicine. That is we kept looking and we ran into Dr. Guzm n’s in Spain who has done research since 1999 into the hemp oils. The International Cannabinoid Research Society has been researching it for seventeen years. They have research papers from various researchers and research organizations including Health Canada. And with our research we haven’t been able to find anything detrimental. Everything is beneficial from the oil.

The chemo and the radiation just kills everything inside of you. It doesn’t give you a chance to live. And then when I look at my hemp oil that’s why I am sitting here today telling you that hemp oil does work.

The more money you spend on cancer, the more cancer you get. And the reason why, is there has been virtually no movement in the field of prevention. …You wait til’ they get the cancer and then you try and treat it. As such the more drugs are bought the higher the profit. Now the more disease there is the greater the profit.

On January ‘07 my father came to stay with my wife and I because his cancer had become unmanageable. He could not stay alone anymore. At this point the man had fluid in both lungs, couldn’t even hardly walk around, his breathing had gone down to 70% and he was on his last legs. We started him on the treatment, and inside of three months the cancer was completely gone and between that he got nothing but better.

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EcoVid on November 26th, 2008

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EcoVid on November 26th, 2008

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EcoVid on November 26th, 2008

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You are the epitome of green if you ask me. You power your entire home and your grounds using solar power. You drive using a solar electric car. You harvest your own food using a solar electric tractor, and even your home has been built in such a way to maximize solar power and solar efficiency.

We use much more energy in our cars than we do in our homes. If you use more than a gallon worth of gasoline a day, you’re using more energy in your car than you are in your house.

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EcoVid on November 26th, 2008

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EcoVid on November 26th, 2008

The climate change clock is ticking, but here in Andalusia, Southern Spain, government, industry, farmers, and citizens are working around the clock to provide us all with clean carbon neutral energy 24 hours a day. From solar power towers to endless fields of solar concentrators, from veritable forests of photovoltaics that harvest sunshine to make electricity, and wind farms that will produce power til’ the cows come home, Spain is taking the bull by the horns, taking a leadership role in ensuring a safe healthy future for our children and our children’s children.

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